What's the meaning of
the dragonfly fetish?

In Native American legend
the dragonfly is the symbol
of Illusion. Life as we see,
smell, taste, touch and hear
with our 5 senses is only a
small portion of what reality
is, what we can see is really
happening around us. The truth
as science is now proving, is
that our thoughts and vibration
or feelings of those thoughts
literally create our reality
from out of the "empty" space
around us. But it's not empty.
That's light or energy that
surrounds us, and each photon
is packed with power.
Think about that little word

What are you thinking?
You are creating it all!

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Whenever I hear my friends, family or neighbors complaining about how things are going "wrong" in their body I want to put a mirror to their face and say the answer is right "in" there. Most of them aren't as open to listening as my clients are, perhaps because of the setting we're in at any given moment. But they are delighted when I ask them a few questions, give them a little time to get the answers from within and witness a profound shift that changes the very look of who they are. We call this shape-shifting. It's very relative to what we now consider reversing "aging".

Why is it that we seek out a professional when seeking remedy for our healing? Because we don't know the answers ourselves. More and more, however, in these days of economic uncertainty, we had best figure out the basic facts and a few home remedies or we'd all be sharing the hospital beds together. Because even the costs of "medicine", according to Western thinking, being what they are, many are unable to afford the very medicines the doctors prescribe to them. The best remedy of all? Stay well! Eat and drink well. Choose a well mindset. Choosing perfect health and keeping with perfectly healthy thoughts and lifestyle keep us well. Don't get unwell. Or, if you do, remember the old saying, "Laughter is the best medicine!"

Well, it's high time the masses are made aware of what they are already inclined to believe, that what's been going on in Western "medicine" needs an Eastern education. According to my clients in the last 5 years, approximately 500 to 1 believe Western medicine to be leaning toward drug "peddlers" and they are "fed up with it." I have to agree that it's time to get back to basics -- excellent nutrition and exercise, like I've done for myself. Not to say that Western medicine doesn't serve millions, and is absolutely necessary. There are many, many medical doctors turning to the holistic approach because they understand that they have to look at the entire body, the whole picture. As Dr. John F. Demartini says, every form of healing has its place. Simply Google "Dr. Oz" or visit ABHM.com for medical practitioners in your area. If you're not ready to explore the power of the Mind, or very importantly, if you're dealing with something that needs healing while you explore Mind, get the treatment you think you need while researching the cause of it.

And as we now know from science, the fact is, "it" goes deeper than the body! The root cause goes deeper than the symptoms staring at us in the face. And this is the very subject you will learn about here with me, what you already know very deep inside. Everything originates in our Mind.

The best form of medicine is understanding how healing actually works, and even better than that is understanding how what needs to be healed actually manifested in the first place! The body is at our command, our direction, every second. It is following our level of love, faith, trust, thinking, feeling, our resonance level, and what we do about it. It's our attitude based in our core-beliefs. What are core beliefs? Simply what we've told ourselves or adopted from an early age or repeated enough times that we now consider these things to be "true". Well they are for you if that's what you've been feeding your subconscious mind for any length of time.

Again, your body is listening to and following the commands of your mind. Are you full and happy? Greatful? Grateful? Or com-miserating over some stress-full problems or challenges that "seem" overwhelming? Miserable? Grateful about what you DO have? or miserable over what you don't have yet? Focus like a laser beam on grateful and watch your body change!

So what are you truly up to? Your results tell you what is lodged in your subconscious mind. Where are you? Are you being loving? Are you happy? I hope so! because remember, laughter is the best medicine! If you have any questions, doubts, or need some guidance to return to your complete healing power, Christine Marya and MyHealingPower.com are here to help YOU! The body heals itself and everything outside of it is just another tool to help you heal yourself. So it's quite likely you don't need to go spending half the money you probably thought you would have to. PUT IT INTO THE BEST NUTRITION POSSIBLE FOR YOUR BODY! Come on, let's connect, and take a tour of the holistic approach to perfect well being! It's Mind-holistic! None of us need suffer, at all!

Christine Marya, Licensed Massage Therapist, Author, Creative Artist, and Creative Power Counselor, presents a new perfect-health plan for every individual based on our true healing power: the human body heals itself with a happy, loving, grateful attitude!

Well, it's not new at all now, is it? It's God-given at birth!

Incredibly, it's usually the basics we forget and then we can get back to them with a new sense of refreshed awe!

First on our list, keep moving! It's the primary law of the Universe! Everything is in motion, vibrating! And that's why our resonance factor, or what feeling we are generating at our core level, energetically, is so critically important! Are you calm, relaxed, at peace, in Love? Read up on this if it's new to you! You'll be so amazed and happy that you did! Because what you give out is EXACTLY what you get back! Give out love and happiness from within, grateful for being alive, and watch the greatest of everything flow back to you!

OK, so keep moving! Visit every page, and find your happy place!

Life is an illusion! Get AWARE and get BIG on your creative power!

Accomplish this by giving yourself a little love and attention
by delving into these pages. Enjoy perfect health! It's Natural!

Introducing 10% Stretching!™

These are simple warm-ups using 10% of your strength, inter-spinal stretches for maintaining optimum health, plus resistance stretches for chronic issues, pain, overworked symptoms including lactic-acid buildup, injuries and trauma, and every-day stress factors. Using these stretches with consistent repeated effort, we can unravel serious muscular issues, begin to build strength after balancing overworked muscle groups and maintain optimum muscular health in a daily regimen that's the easiest thing you've ever imagined exercise to be.

Perform these stretches while horizontal first thing in the morning before you even get out of bed. The inter-spinals are muscles just like biceps and triceps and need movement to stretch and strengthen. Take care of these very important vertebral muscles! Become aware! Make the decision to take the best care of your body that you possibly can. Learn why stretching is absolutely necessary! Do the simplest stretches you'll ever find in Chapter 7.

Because You're With YourSelf 24-Hours Each Day!

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The body is living tissue and at our command at every moment. With the right attitude and tools we propel forward in healing, returning to our natural state of well-being. Now, with this valuable E-Book, you too can have all the tools you need: basic physiological facts, simple stretches and easy massage techniques to use on ourselves that can save years of pain and thousands of dollars!

As the greatest masters teach us: when we supply the basic healthy building blocks, healthy environment and right action combined with right thinking, we can heal instantly.

A message came to me in a dream. People of all ages in their hospital beds said "Hurry up Christine, we're waiting for you to help us. This blew me away! And I know it's true, I have valuable info that everybody can benefit by. Now you can have it too.

Empower yourself and give the gift of healing to others!

Summer '09 Accelerated Healing
America Road Tour

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Young or old, sick or recovering, fit or on your way to being
fit, almost there or confused, overweight or misunderstood,
Christine is here to help you regain your optimum health.

Have her help you unravel the mysteries of the "issues in your
tissues" or the lightening of a heavy heart.

"I'm just a tool to help you relax, find the right attitude, and
apply the right solutions to solve the deep core issues we all
have to deal with at one time or another in our lives.

Excellence in health is a clearly defined goal.
A clearly defined goal is easily accomplished!"

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Eliminate neuro-muscular pain and most conditions
without any drugs and the reasons pain exists!

* * *

Understand the basics of healing we
should learn by the second grade;

* * *

Take a good look at what we're made up of
on the inside, and how these systems work;

* * *

Learn key physiological facts that prevent disease,
increasing longevity and quality of life;

* * *

Find out why inter-spinal stretching is absolutely
necessary for everyone, even marathon runners;

* * *

Learn how to "read" your pain symptoms and
treat them instantly and effectively;

* * *

Understand the meaning, impact and
remedy for "overworked" muscles;

* * *

Recognize our true creative power
and the power of touch;

* * *

Find out why everything is "psychosomatic;"

* * *

Learn the 15-second solution to our
most problematic tissues

* * *

Gain a new perspective on our
chemical and energetic makeup;

* * *

Recognize the power of Spirit, Mind & Emotion = The Body;

* * *

Comprehend why focusing on the problem
only reinvents the problem;

* * *

Get the full treatment to unravel your tight body
or unwind tight muscle groups even if they've
been wound-up tight for many years;

* * *

Understand why medical terminology can be bad for you;

* * *

Pick up energy techniques you can perform daily
while driving the car, sitting at the computer
or watching a movie;

* * *

Learn why 10% Stretching is easy and powerful;

* * *

Realize the necessity and power of heat and stretching;

* * *

Grasp the magnitude of focusing on the solution;

* * *

Be able to pass on to your children this new health plan.
Because the human body is designed to heal itself,
all we need to focus on is the fact: I AM HEALING!

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