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Christine's active childhood, college sports and auto "events" led her to develop 10% Stretching™! These simple warm-ups using 10% of your strength, performed while horizontal first thing in the morning before you even get out of bed stretch the musculature, particularly the spinal muscles which are critical for maintaining optimum health, preparing for the body for its day.

These 10% Stretching techniques are particularly useful for chronic issues, pain, overworked symptoms including lactic-acid buildup, injuries and trauma, the ill, the elderly, and every-day stress factors. When used consistently with repeated effort, these simplest of techniques have proven to unravel serious muscular issues, begin to build strength after balancing overworked muscle groups and maintain optimum muscular health in a daily regimen that's easy and effective.

More recently Christine has been following her bliss, silk painting and studying the Mind, the Law of Attraction and the other Universal Laws and says she has entered a state of awareness and connection to Source like she never experienced thanks to a support system of experts she had only dreamed of. "Without these studies I could not convey the completeness of health and healing necessary for our comprehension."

Currently Christine is constructing, a central empowerment site for energized self-healing by combining creative power and healing energies in form as guided meditations and visualizations, music, photography, silk painting and storytelling, all inspiring inner peace. Creating inner peace = world peace!

Christine's first book, an e-book available now says it all in the title:

Christine's next book, "I Am Healing Power" expected in December 2009 is a deeper look into the metaphysical consequences of improper thinking and steps to remedy the causes of these impending healing crises.

"In retrospect we see things so much more clearly. Had I understood from around age 20 when I picked up my first massage book, "Acupuncture Without Needles," that I was being prompted to get help, I may also have discovered way back then what now proves to be my most rewarding career move. But everything works in perfection and I may have missed out on my fabulous days at Disney, a lifelong goal, and other amazing experiences in my life. Experience is our true education. And I have had a most incredible "explorer" career.

The real value in what has happened to me over time actually revealed itself through- out training with the understanding of opportunity calling in "paying it forward", my responsibility to help others become aware of what our signals are and how to treat ourselves for our ultimate healing. Pain is a signal. It's a call to us to do something different. Whether mental, emotional or physical, it is a signal to become more loving.

I understood that not just in tough economic times but for everyone, all the time, we can save ourselves years of pain and thousands of dollars with a basic understanding of physiological facts, simple stretching which I developed called 10% Stretching, mostly done while lying on the back and self-massage techniques for even the worst problems we have.

I know these techniques are extremely effective because I've used them myself, and in a little over a year have made a remarkable change in my spinal alignment reversing two major "syndromes," a spinal twist from a rogue wave while body surfing, and all those years of beating myself up playing, having a blast. A torn ankle ligament here, a ruptured shoulder tendon there, the other shoulder separation, knee twist which took my hip with it, the other compressed knee, etc.

People love my program because it's preventative and progressive. It takes someone from bed-ridden to yoga or the trainer to begin recovery. It's born of the need for those of us who are in pain, stiff, sick, stuck in bed or "old". But nobody is old if we don't want to be. We are as young as we feel and when feeling that excitement for life inside, our body is constantly collecting Source Energy. Constantly. Which means, like everything, "aging" is all in our Mind. We don't have to age, we only do so because we believe it happens.

When following this simple regimen daily, as outlined in my book, our spinal muscles become and remain as flexible as possible for their daily jobs, mostly holding us up. The compression of the vertebrae and the nerves traveling through them are truly the beginning of the majority of our ailments. And it begins with poor postural alignment, occupational habits, sleep habits and other repetitive motions. Keeping optimum musculature means keeping optimum health.

Of course the body is formed in the Mind. And dis-ease or dis-comfort, comes with unloving, negative or limited thinking at the core level. There is a nerve in our vertebrae identified specifically to handle posture, and each and every other aspect of health. We can easily treat the physical. And we will cure the cause when we process the mental and emotional aspects of what the "healing crisis" signal is about.

The body follows our command, our direction, every second. The good news is, we can reverse anything we've created in our musculature relatively quickly, most within minutes, chronic issues usually within days or weeks of developing new good habits, a bit longer with surgery or more severe injury. And much faster always when handling the metaphysical causes.

I'm excited to share my recommendations to help people through their issues, dis-ease and pain, to the other side, to perfect musculature, perfect health. In my creative opinion, it's a piece of cake!"

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