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It is the intention of, Where MY means YOU! to help empower every person crossing this path with knowing the fact that our healing power lies within each of us, that the body heals itself.

This power is only that of pure Love. All else is another "force".

What of dis-ease then one may ask? Illness? Literally it means we are ill-at-ease, often in judgement about something, uncomfortable, tense, stressed. Usually it is a complete mis-perception, improper thinking as Dr. Rev. Michael Beckwith calls it. It is known as a "healing crisis."

This is the moment in which we are called to take notice of being out of alignment with Spirit, who we really are, and to yield back to the truth, to be centered with the very core of our pure original Source nature of perfection, perfect health, perfect wellness, abundant well-being.

As the great Ann Wigmore, Founder of the Hippocrates Foundation stated, "When given the opportunity, the body heals itself instantly."

The "healing crisis" as metaphysicians have always understood it, is that moment of opportunity to return to our perfection, to Love. Instantly.

While this truth may be difficult to grasp there are many experts now creating the products to bring it to you in their own voice. Seek these messages and you will receive all the answers. Our prayers and our questions are always answered, just as our desires are, with the power of our Mind, and in accordance with the Laws of the Universe.

Align and stay in Love, in the FEELing of Love, for all the power necessary to create the direct return to perfect well-being. This means being our Loving Spirit-Self at heart every moment, revering the sanctity of life while working and playing, constantly recognizing, acknowledging, and acting upon the fact that each of us, every moment and every thing is sacred, is a part of Spirit, the very essence of who we really are.

My favorite summation of work, as we should all know it is by the renowned philosopher and teacher, Kahlil Gibran who said "Work is Love made visible."

Work is an aspect of or expression of who we are in the skin of Spirit, our Being as human. This is why we are happy doing what we love to do, happiest doing what brings us outrageous joy! And it is why we are uneasy, unwell, and unhappy when we're being unloving, toward Self or another.

It is the intention of to help empower people to discover and understand the great truth of who we really are, the role we are playing, and the Divine creative power within and surrounding us to energize miracles in healing, and happy, healthy, abundantly rich, rewarding lives.

"Love is flowing the pure Heart-felt Source Energy of Spirit, beautiful,
bountiful, magical, through Self to another in vibration of Mind and body."
-- Christine Marya

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