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The greatest question, the greatest search we will ever embark upon is the meaning of our individual life, our purpose. We each have one, a personal life purpose. When we ask that question, like all questions, we will be guided to the answer. It may be come to you in a thought, a line in a book, a scene of a movie, lyrics in a song, words spoken by a child, a message in a bottle, an angel of some sort. And that purpose is all-ways unfolding in a process of discovery. The process is the journey. The process is our destination. The process is our adventure. Remember this, and enjoy the adventure!

According to Mirriam-Webster online:
En-joy means to have a good time, to gladden, take pleasure or satisfaction in, and to have for one's use, benefit or lot.

According to Abraham, and Esther and Jerry Hicks at, we all came here to live in outrageous joy!

Are you living in outrageous joy? When not quite there, use our tools to elevate! Visit the Virtual Spa and link to Visualizations and Meditations. Experience, learn and grow. And enjoy! Life is mahvelous dahling!


One great tool for understanding ourselves is to bring clarity to the very language that we speak. After all, we did pick it up as children, and, particularly true of the English language, the words we use have many meanings. Explore words and what they mean to you specifically, personally.

You may begin to find that language is everything, the key to linking our thoughts to the outside world, the earth plane. You may begin to find that we each have our own definitions of what "love" is, what "power" is. Explore what words mean to you and you may find yourself on a fascinating journey of yourself. Explore yourself. If you don't like your own definition of any word, of any meaning you took on, most likely from someone else by the time you were 3 years of age, see the guided meditations for a few good exercises to understand who you got them from and how to readily change them. We can improve our lives.

We are always growing, or we are dying. It's the law of nature. Study nature and you will See it. Study nature and you will see all the Laws of the Universe in action. Nature is in its perfection and we are Nature.

For more info on the Laws of the Universe, visit


Thank you for giving me that experience, the event, that which helped me discover how to improve, better respond to the seemingly horrible, but how I did grow, to become, the greatest Me. I am a character in the grand play, a game of life unseen but to the eyes of the Master. Now I Master Me.

She travels outside of karma
What once was hurt, what once was friction
What left a mark no longer stains
Because Grace makes beauty out of ugly things
Grace finds beauty in everything
Grace finds goodness in everything

-- lyrics excerpt from U2 "Grace"

Please pardon our construction, enjoy what's here and check back again soon.


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