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Counseling is recommended for anyone with a desire to expedite the understanding of the wholistic nature of our being to allow instant healing, perfect health and well being, and maximize longevity.

This is accomplished through personal discovery and the metaphysical interpretations established by the leaders in healing over the last 40 years, most based on ancient teachings and contemporary medicine, and the most recent scholars of quantum physics. Guided by a trained licensed professional studying these interpretations combined with a well-developed intuitive ability, and further, a rejoining or re- membering of who you really are, Spirit in a human form, you will at all times be the one to decipher that which you are wanting to clear and re-form. In other words, heal, remembering your true Divinity.

We each occasionally need re-minding or guidance in determining our direction or creative power and healing or resolving challenges in daily living. Some of us need a mentor, while others have a greater need to connect with a "healer" on a one-on-one basis, perhaps that perfect contact to align with on the physical plane, who reminds us that aligning with our Higher Self, Spirit, is our ultimate connect.

A personal interview process and scheduling determines availability for a one-on-one counseling program with Christine Marya or referral to a more suitable health practitioner or success professional.

Programs are outlined for you upon signing up for further info, below.

This process is fascinating and understanding it humbling, because the body follows your direction at every moment! Soon healing is reached instantly and with reverence intact, life couldn't be more magical!

Christine Marya is dedicated to serving you in this process!


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