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Aloha and Welcome Sponsors!

I'm so thrilled that you are right here to help me help others because I would like to help Americans be able to tell a new health story, right now!

Just last night I worked on a man with a "botched" knee surgery living in agony with increasing limitation of movement in his entire leg because he didn't know better, but following his intuition, made the call to get some massage. For the first time in two months he had feeling in his leg again. I was then able to explain basic facts that could help him keep his leg!

That included how healing happens, the power of our Mind, and to keep moving!, the absolute necessity of stretching, and massage techniques for rapid healing.

I can help because I have healed myself of major pain, "syndromes," whiplash, sports "accidents" and years of postural misalignment since massage training. This has saved me what would have become years of pain and thousands of dollars!

How do I know? Because my conditions already cost me years of pain and thousands of dollars before massage training. By the time I got to school, the insurance $ was used up. There was nothing in the expertise of my doctors, including the neuro-surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, or physical therapists that led me to my healing. It was 10% Stretching and basic knowledge and wisdom that accomplished my healing and this is what I will share with anyone seeking healing.

Now you can probably imagine how rewarding my work is to be able to help people heal themselves. It's incredible! Now is the best time to help people in the worthy cause and help heal America. Remember, it's in the giving that we are rewarded. In fact, giving is receiving!

I know you're with me!

Call Christine Marya now directly on her cell at (808) 989-3181 for questions you may have and to sign on as a sponsor. Let's do it, and help heal America together!

1. Event

Christine Marya, Licensed Massage Therapist and Energy Healer, Author, Creative Artist (Photographer, Silk Painter, Web and Graphic Designer), Creative Power (and Awareness) Counselor and Creator of 10% Stretching is touring the country to help people with their healing in seminars by education, demonstration and participation in stretches when space allows. Individuals randomly selected from the audience for demonstration receive personal assessment and recommendations.

10% Stretching is a series of simple maintenance stretches performed while lying on one's back, a series of therapeutic stretches for more serious injury or trauma and chronic issues, as well as the more common yet misunderstood overworked muscle "syndromes" and repetitive-motion "injuries".

Venues will include YWCA's and YMCA's, Community Association Meeting Centers, Fire Departments, Massage Schools, Hospitals, Senior Centers, School Gymnasiums, Dance and Yoga Studios and wherever people can meet.

As of 4/12 dates and cities are rough estimates May 1 through September 30. Public events are free and hopefully will coincide with paid events in the same city on a consecutive day throughout the 5-month tour. Therefore opportunity
exists for sponsorship without exorbitant expenses, or more bang for the buck, and everybody wins! See below for the estimated city/date travel schedule.

2. Sponsor Name Recognition

Sponsor name, logo and images will appear on signage on road vehicle, event fliers, websites, email and wherever print matter or advertising is used, verbal mention during event presentations, and given to all local media inquiring.

Further, the tour culminates a few short weeks prior to Christine's attendance in the National Publicity Summit in October in New York City where she will be invited to participate in TV, morning and talk shows, traditional and internet radio programs, news and magazine print, etc.

Just in time for the Holiday Season!

You've heard these names before: Good Morning America, Time Magazine, Parade, People Magazine, CNN, MSNBC, Health Magazine, Parenting, etc.

These are a handful of the hundred media outlets who will hear our tour sponsors names and many interviews are actually done at the event itself!

3. Sponsor Exposure Estimates

Estimates for public exposure to signage: 50,000 minimum and to major media coverage at the National Publicity Summit: 100,000 to millions.

4. Audience Demographic

Audience is estimated at approximately 20% Children and Teens attending with parents, 75% Adults 35 to 65 and 5% Seniors; 50% Women, 30% Men and 20% Children and Teens with a common interest in healing, wellness, self- growth, athletics/sports/fitness. See cities for geographic locations.

5. Media

Media exposure with local newspapers, radio is expected and will be
actively sought out and intensified as cities approach in schedule.

The tour culminates a few short weeks prior to Christine's
attendance in the National Publicity Summit in October in New York City
where she will be invited to participate in TV, morning and talk shows,
traditional and internet radio programs, news and magazine print, etc.

6. Sponsor Competition

All sponsors are posted here so potential competition is negligible.
Sponsor requests: McMahon RV, Health Valley Cereals and Soy Dream
Non-Dairy Beverages, Aveda, Thermipaq, Peter Gillham Natural Calm
Apple, Kathy Smith, VEMMA, IonWays, Oprah and O Magazine, Hay House,

7. Sponsor Categories

Category 1 Presenting Sponsor = $150,000 due by July 5, 2009

Presenting Sponsor receives "Company Presents" recognition in all uses preceding tour title and mention in all related 2009 activities, printed matter, local advertising, web, info and email, and media at the National Publicity Summit in New York City in October 2009.

Category 2 Sponsored By = $75,000 due by July 5, 2009

"Sponsored By" sponsors receive all of the above in Category 1 but in the lower area of signage following "Sponsored by:" in the group listing.

Category 3 Product Sponsors = $15,000 due by July 5, 2009

Product/coupons due by 1st of each month at address given during Road Tour.

"Product Sponsors" receive printed mention below tour signage in printed matter and verbal mention, and product distribution if any, during events; and prominent positioning on, Where My Means You!

Tour as outlined is dependent on sponsorships received in a minimum of $130,000 (includes tour vehicle or rental equivalent) by July 5, 2009.

*** Scheduling in process in Divine timing! ***

7/00 Tucson AZ
7/00 Santa Fe NM
7/00 New Orleans LA
7/00 Gulf Shores AL
7/00 Orlando FL
7/00 Ormond Beach FL
7/00 Homer GA
7/00 Lexington VA

8/00 Washington DC
8/00 Rehoboth Beach DE
8/00 Saddlebrook NJ
8/00 Bloomington IN
8/05 Chicago IL
8/00 ND
8/00 MT
8/15 Wasilla AK

9/15 Seattle WA
9/00 Portland OR
9/00 Bend OR
9/00 Las Vegas NV
9/00 Los Angeles CA
9/00 San Diego CA

10/20-24 The National Publicity Summit, New York City

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